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Please support also The World Peace Train movement by choosing and purchasing, for yourself and your friends, some of the following gift items bearing the World Peace Train symbol.
Nice Beige Cap Nice green & white Cap Large bag with lining Cute keychain Large button with pin
Cap - beige Cap - green and white Bag Keychain Large button

White T-shirt with embroidered logo Black T-shirt with embroidered logo Green T-shirt White T-shirt with bluish logo Big and small stickers
T-Shirt - white T-Shirt - black T-Shirt - green T-Shirt - white
with bluish logo
Sticker and
Bumper Stickers
To buy our unique gift items and
support the World Peace Train
Mohanbhai L. Patel
Tel: (514) 738-8106
Or visit:
6525 Trans Island
Montreal, (Quebec)
H3W 3B8